Lisa Buice
Commercial HR Director
Shaw Industries  

“Consumer preferences, economic conditions and technological advances have been driving change for American manufacturing for decades. Manufacturing is where you see the past, present and future intersect; you can see it reflected in equipment, process, people, culture, product and service. I love seeing how it all comes together!”

Lisa’s tireless efforts to advocate for women in manufacturing have had a profound impact on Shaw Industries. While working as Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Lisa established an Associate Resource Group (ARG) focused on women that has had lasting impacts on the company. Her leadership paved the way for developing the Women's Innovation Network (WiN), which today includes men and women across the organization who come together to learn, grow and support one another's success. Since then, Lisa’s continued support of women in the workplace has spanned multiple initiatives and activities. Her efforts to raise awareness and encourage leadership to support talented women within the organization have led to broader consideration of women for development, promotions and project assignments.
As a natural leader herself, Lisa’s spirit of giving has inspired her to mentor several individuals throughout her tenure with the company. Known by her colleagues as a trusted confidant, Lisa has guided many others through various stages of their careers offering advice, assistance and candid feedback. Her passion for uplifting women in the workplace also led her to mentor women in manufacturing who have returned to work after having a baby. By listening to their concerns and sharing her knowledge of company policies and expectations, Lisa served as a liaison, effectively helping several mothers in their transitions back to work. 
Lisa’s impact on the community can be seen both inside and outside of her career with Shaw Industries. In addition to serving on the Kennesaw State University Alumni Association Board of Directors with efforts focused on the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering & Engineering Technology, she has served on the Mississippi State University Bagley College of Engineering Diversity Advisory Board. Lisa also partnered with Cross Plains Community Partner to create and implement Project SEARCH, a work training program for area young adults with disabilities that prepares and assists them with the transition into permanent work assignments within the community.  

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