Akhila Bhiman
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Fresenius Medical Care

“Manufacturing provides a great opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic cross-functional team to constantly work towards improving customer experience. What I enjoy most about manufacturing is the instant gratification of working on a product or process that could have an impact almost immediately on a patient, often within a week.”

Akhila leads a team of engineers supporting the production of the Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) devices in Fresenius Medical Care’s North America plant. Responsible for the manufacturing process, she has directed her energies where it matters the most and has worked tirelessly to increase product reliability, enhance the efficiency of the production process and minimize manufacturing costs while maximizing resources.

Akhila has an ability to keep calm under pressure, adapt quickly and respond effectively to meet dynamic business needs. She constantly pushes herself, and indeed her team, to achieve better results. Akhila has led multiple high impact projects including one that developed and qualified a new production process, thereby reducing material costs by more than $3 million.

  Akhila is a natural leader, as is evident by her proactive mentoring process of developing her team and their skills in design for manufacturability, Six Sigma, root cause analysis and project management. Additionally, Akhila is heavily involved in the development of the annual internship program where she supports and guides two to three engineering students each summer. A firm believer in the power of the collective, Akhila is continuously looking for ways to drive collaboration and increasing output within the organization.

  Akhila is a longstanding advocate of good quality, accessible education for children. Enterprising and forthcoming as a person, she is currently involved in mentoring students at a local public school for their very first FIRST Robotics competition. She also devotes her evenings teaching English to underprivileged children in India. Additionally, she sponsors two children with provision of clothing, school supplies, books and fees, also offering emotional support and helping with their studies as needed. As an individual who wants to make a difference to the next generation, Akhila hopes to continue giving back to communities here and in India.  

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