Jeanne Beacham

“As an engineer I have always been excited by actually developing and manufacturing a product. I love that our products are used all over the world by the leading medical and technology companies. It’s rewarding when our customers share how important our product is to their success.”

Jeanne joined Delphon’s Gel-Pak division in 1994 as Vice President of Sales. In 1997, she led a management buyout of the company, growing the business from a small operation into a multimillion dollar company providing polymer and adhesive materials to the semiconductor, medical and photonics industry. Today, she continues to lead the company by executing acquisitions such as UltraTape and TouchMark, developing new products for emerging markets, and finding opportunities for expansion. Her leadership skills have contributed not only to the growth and success of the company, but to employee satisfaction as well.

As a lifelong learner and leader by example, Jeanne finds ways to expand her own knowledge while encouraging her staff to do the same. Also an advocate for women in manufacturing and engineering, Jeanne offers consistent support and mentorship to other women in the industry. She is a past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a founding member of Semiconductor Women’s Alliance Network. Additionally, she is an active member of SEMI, was on the Advisory Board of the Kellogg School of Management’s Master of Management and Manufacturing Program, and is a board member on the National Association of Manufacturers and C200.

The greatest impact Jeanne has made on her community is inspiring others to volunteer. Each year, she gives each employee two full paid days off to volunteer in their community, empowering them to make a difference in something they feel passionate about. Jeanne has led trips to Africa to provide education for under-served communities, and she volunteered for SHE-CAN, a group which mentors high-potential, low-income young women from Rwanda and Cambodia to personally help them on a journey toward becoming leaders. Jeanne is also a regular volunteer for cancer fundraisers including the Oregon Ski Out and the Cancer Walk.

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