Tracy Barrells
Plant Finance Manager
Sealed Air Corporation

“Opportunity, diversity, creativity, and collaboration drive my passion for manufacturing. Opportunities exist through a variety of career paths. Diversity strengthens our organization, and creativity/collaboration resonates from the manufacturing floor to the corporate office. In manufacturing, each day provides new opportunities to improve our workplace, our products, and our world.”

Tracy is a strategic thinker who continuously looks for ways to add value to Sealed Air Corporation and improve existing processes. Always one to embrace change and challenge the status quo, Tracy has led many key accomplishments throughout her career. Her ability to negotiate pricing, lead teams through challenging situations and understand cost savings and efficiency improvements have been integral to her success within the organization. Whether leading the reorganization of the company’s Production Control group, or spearheading efforts to bring effluent water into her plant following a severe local drought, Tracy is a proven leader who delivers on her commitments.

Tracy’s passion for professional development, coaching, mentoring others and continuing education opportunities has impacted many at Sealed Air Corporation. Through networking and building relationships with other professionals in the community, Tracy has been integral to developing and retaining talent within the organization. She encourages employees to participate in cross-functional teams to help them expand their understanding of other areas of the business, and has provided support, encouragement, and guidance to offsite employees to ensure they remain engaged and connected to the organization. Tracy serves as a role model to other women in manufacturing who want to develop and advance professionally, and invests time in employees who approach her for advice and career guidance.

Tracy actively seeks to make a difference in her community through various volunteer opportunities. She has been involved in Senior-Junior Forum, a non-profit organization that promotes women’s involvement in community outreach, for the last 10 years and has served in various leadership roles within the organization. She has also led company efforts to sponsor children through the Angel Tree program and supported Special Olympics and the United Way.  

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