Paloma Barraza
Site Controller

“Manufacturing’s where it comes together; delivering product safely, routinely. Remembering my first design... the guys installed a sight glass 100 feet in the air to see the design work; it worked and I was sold – Manufacturing was my “home”. Working with a good team makes the daily challenges fun.”

Paloma’s excellent leadership and hard work have helped the Chihuaha facility become the top performing Jabil site in North America. Paloma and her team created a robust forecast process and cadence which enabled the site to gain credibility with Jabil’s corporate finance department thanks to the accuracy of their predicted results. While leading the project, she met individually with each team member to listen to their concerns and when someone struggled, she invested time to coach and understand their needs. This brainstorming led to innovative plans and increased buy-in from team members. The respect she gained from her team, as well as other leaders, led to huge wins for the site and the company globally.

As a leader Paloma is honest, sincere and exhibits a true passion for change. She has mastered critical leadership skills for driving cultural change which include taking personal responsibility, seeking active feedback from her peers and serving as a role model to others. Paloma has proven to be an active and reliable listener who always has time for others and addresses concerns seriously. The change management implementation and coaching process she developed and employed in Chihuahua has been rolled out to other locations as the new benchmark for other leaders to emulate.

Paloma’s compassion for taking care of others extends beyond the walls of the manufacturing plant. She is an active member of Jabil Chihuahua’s social responsibility committee, helping to create opportunities for the campus to get involved in the community. She recently organized and participated in an employee volunteer event at a soup kitchen where she helped feed the homeless of Chihuahua City. Paloma spearheaded a school supply donation drive and coordinated delivery to children in need. She has also dedicated many hours volunteering at an institute for children born with down syndrome.

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