Tomasina Bailey
Fuel and Motion Control, Engineering Director

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it sustains innovation. Manufacturing brings engineered designs to life, and helps engineers understand that a design is not effective if it cannot be manufactured. As manufacturing evolves and improves, engineers are challenged to innovate and improve their designs, creating a synergy between the two.”

Tomasina’s engineering expertise has impacted a number of complex projects at Eaton. She oversaw the highly technical redesign of the F-35 Nosewheel Steering unit, leading a team to conduct extensive analyses due to tighter temperature and load requirements. To ensure success, Tomasina navigated complex relationships with all companies involved, as well as demonstrated to the government that Eaton understood the technical challenges and had solutions within the timescales the program demanded. Tomasina has also worked with her team to develop technology roadmaps that are robust and has championed the development of the product strategy.

Tomasina is passionate about Eaton and its people, which is evident through her involvement in internal employee resources groups such as WAVE (Women Adding Value at Eaton) and PRIDE, which fosters inclusion, understanding and awareness for Eaton’s LGBT employees and their allies. Tomasina is a member of Eaton’s Power Women In Engineering and the Industrial Sector Diversity Advisory Group. Leading her teams to host 17 innovation events in 2017, Tomasina continuously challenges her team members to have a high drive for results. In addition, she is a strong advocate of early career engineers and has actively participated in many recruiting events.

Through Eaton’s outreach programs, Tomasina has supported the community in many ways including participating in a Habitat for Humanity event, volunteering at a local food bank, supporting United Way campaigns and helping out at a local rescue mission. She also led a high school Robotics team, inviting students to the plant to learn more about manufacturing, as well as design and build their own industrial-sized robot. Tomasina continues to give opportunities to early career Engineering students through summer internship programs. She has mentored college students, giving them the opportunity to work on tasks that will help them develop their technical skills.   

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