Meyssane Alj Hakim
Supply Chain Analyst
Intel Corporation

“Manufacturing brings inventions and ideas to production. That is why I am passionate about manufacturing: for the ability to find simplicity in the complexity, for the precision in the execution, for the drive for efficiency, for the desire to turn theoretical into practical, for the need to improve and innovate.”

Meyssane has made tremendous contributions to Intel’s Programmable Group’s (PSG) business results by applying her supply chain expertise to improve output and efficiency of the company’s Supply Planning tools and processes. As Supply Chain Analyst, Meyssane has led many efforts including a Safety Stock modeling initiative for PSG’s product portfolio which resulted in a 20 percent increase in customer service levels. Through this comprehensive analytical model, Meyssane transformed the inventory planning process while demonstrating her strong business acumen, technical skills and customer-first mindset. As Supply Chain Lead on a cross-functional initiative for Intel’s PSG, Meyssane influenced multiple parties including outside suppliers, drove supply chain readiness and established herself as the “go-to” expert for supply-related situations that helped the marketing team lock specific deals with customers. With her subject matter expertise, analytical capabilities and influencing skills, Meyssane has established herself as a trusted business partner at Intel. 

Meyssane has been the chair of Intel’s Events Committee, which focuses on professional development and retention for the company’s NextGen (Young Professionals) and WIN (Women at Intel Network) groups. Through her leadership within NextGen, Meyssane offered in-depth coaching to two other group members to ensure they were well-prepared to begin their forthcoming tenures as co-chairs of the Events Committee. As part of WIN, she helped organize a talk with the IEEE Women in Engineering group to promote Intel PSG’s technical women—which has since become an annual event.

Expanding her influence beyond Intel, Meyssane has mentored students from France and Morocco to help prepare them to navigate the transition to college from overseas—an experience she encountered when moving from Paris to Berkeley in pursuit of her Master’s Degree in Engineering. In addition to organizing a food drive to raise awareness on hunger in the community, Meyssane has volunteered for a workshop to provide technical, hands-on training and education to girls from under-privileged high schools.  

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