MaryAnn Wright
Vice President, Engineering & Product Development
Johnson Controls
Milwaukee, WI

“[Al Kammerer, retired Ford Motor Company executive] took several calculated risks on me through stretch assignments that helped develop my capabilities and acumen. He not only gave me opportunities to build my technical expertise, but also to become a leader. He was my toughest critic and greatest advocate and supporter.”

As vice president of engineering and product development, MaryAnn leads Johnson Controls global engineering, product development and R&D activities from idea to commercialization across the full continuum of energy storage solutions for powertrain applications. With her ability to collaborate within the organization, in the community, and beyond, MaryAnn is not only an inspiration but a true trailblazer. 
MaryAnn has developed exceptional diplomacy and team building skills through her work experiences that have transferred to her community involvement.  She has forged partnerships with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Lawrence Technological University which work to accelerate technology development and commercialization, as well as encourage young people to pursue paths in STEM fields.  
MaryAnn believes strongly in delivering great products to customers, doing good for others, and in building the next generation of technical leaders through academic partnerships. She serves on the executive committee of the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee, chairing its educational initiative committee, which developed a "cradle-to-career" education and mentoring program. She also serves on the Argonne National Laboratory board of governors, and is the past chair of the Wisconsin Energy Research Consortium and the Electric Drive Transportation Association in Washington, D.C. These organizations promote improving fuel economy and emissions performance across the entire powertrain spectrum. In addition to her activities in STEM, she supports her passion for animals and serves as the board chair with the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter.  She also serves on the Group1 Automotive, Inc. Board of Directors.
She is described as a courageous, caring, and committed leader who is an exceptional role model for women everywhere.

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