Pamela Wiseman
Sr. Director Supply Chain Planning
Medtronic – Covidien Group
Mansfield, MA

“My passion for manufacturing began while earning my MBA working on a manufacturing process improvement project for a local company. This hands-on involvement with people, process, and technology sparked my interest. To this day, I gain satisfaction and excitement leading tangible improvements made in global operations on a daily basis.”

Pamela has held numerous senior management positions with responsibility for manufacturing and/or supply chain within the aerospace, technology, automation, and medical-device industries located throughout the world. In each case, she distinguished herself as a smart leader who sets vision, rallies the team and unhesitatingly tackles manufacturing and supply-chain issues. She approaches problems with both intuitive and methodical approaches that enables her to identify the key levers and quickly add value. Her understanding of the human element as well as key data creates a powerful combination as she leads teams in driving change and improvements. 
Pamela has been effective in leading diverse, international teams throughout the world, including China, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan and the USA, relying on critical collaboration and relationship building skills she honed early in her career.  She takes a 360-degree view of any manufacturing challenge, through which she can both solve the problem at hand and develop systemic solutions for the long-term. Within her 360-degree view are employees, customers, environmental impacts, technology, organizational behavior, and core business objectives. She has a knack for anticipating the next move to articulate a vision and turn it into reality. 
While Pamela is a particularly bright and no-nonsense manager, she is at the same time personable and caring. She always finds the time to share her global experience -- mentoring and coaching her colleagues and team members. She builds relationships and trust with all levels of the organization, going beyond the boundaries of her team and company.

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