Rebecca Williams
President, Asia Pacific Region
LORD Corporation
Cary, NC

"Manufacturing provides a broad variety of challenges and opportunities. Learning how things are made, both from a materials process and people collaboration perspective, is a great foundation for a future across the spectrum from product design to business analysis to general management.”

Becky’s contributions over her 35-year career at LORD have significantly impacted the company’s bottom line.  In roles broadly spanning both technical and commercial functions and most of the different business units, she has widely shared her technical skills and her leadership talents. Becky advanced to her first executive-level position in 2010, assuming responsibility for the company’s longer term organic growth efforts. In this assignment, she led efforts to refocus the existing business development portfolio, reshaped the innovation and growth portfolio management processes. These changes set the company on a stronger path towards growing in new markets and technologies, establishing a foundation that continues to grow today.
Becky has said that she feels fortunate to have spent her career in a company with a culture of learning and dedication to progress, where advancement is awarded for demonstrated contributions, innovation, and collaboration.  She has been effective in bridging both gender and cultural biases in her work within the organization and in working with customers in other countries. She credits the opportunity to work in different functions, markets, and product lines with shaping her approach to improving the business by understanding the perspectives of the key stakeholders and implementing change through a collaborative and passionate team.
Becky is skilled at quickly establishing credibility on a new projects, and helping the team to focus on long-term strategic thinking.  She is unassuming and humble, demonstrating the qualities of leadership valued at LORD.  She is a strong role model for LORD employees, an excellent role model outside of the organization, and demonstrates the value that women can bring to the manufacturing industry.

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