Ann Marie Weber
Allied Machined Products Corp.
Worcester, MA

"Manufacturing has evolved so much over the last three decades. It is cleaner, greener, and requires highly skilled workers that enjoy challenges. Many of the components we make go into devices that enhance peoples' lives, especially those that need medical attention all over the world.”

Emphasizing team and transparency at the helm where the norm had been a chain of command mentality, Ann Marie earned the full respect of the company's employees in her role as president, and Allied regained pre-downturn sales and greatly improved productivity.  Ann Marie leveraged her technical and interpersonal skills to face the challenges imposed as she converted the culture to one of empowerment and trust, ultimately driving business recover.
During her career at Allied Machined Products Corp, Ann Marie taught high performance race car driving, and raced cars at Watkins Glen. To be an effective teacher and racer she had to be logical, fact-based, and have quick, unemotional reactions.  Development of this calm, cool confidence and competence served her well on the track and in the classroom, but more importantly prepared Ann Marie for the challenge of being president of a manufacturing company.  
Ann Marie is driven to succeed. But that drive is tempered with her need for integrity and fairness.  She feels it is important to trust both individuals and teams to enable them to trigger the highest performance possible.  By separating emotion from business decisions, Anne Marie helps the company make exceptional decisions that are best for the customer, which in the end is better for the business.

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