Beth Walters
Senior Vice President, Communications & Investor Relations
St. Petersburg, FL

"I am most proud of creating, building, and growing a successful global best practices competition which celebrates Jabil's unique culture and helps improve our company at the same time. The competition inspires great ideas and continuous improvement. It is lauded by management and a key factor in employee engagement.”

Beth was the first woman at Jabil to achieve a vice president role. Since she joined Jabil in 1992, Beth has been leading global internal and external communications programs and initiatives that have shaped Jabil's culture throughout the world and have positioned Jabil as a thought leader in the marketplace. She built a team of more than 20 staff members that craft and shape Jabil’s communication, marketing, and investor relations initiatives. In 1993, she led Investor Relations for Initial Public Offering and guided investor efforts leading to multi-year multiple expansion. She has developed innovative and successful internal programs for employee recognition, customer service, and operational continuous improvement. 
Like many manufacturing companies, Jabil is male-dominated in the manager ranks. Beth’s promotion to VP serves as a role model for other Jabil women around the world. Today, Jabil now has nine women in vice president and senior vice president roles. To support building a gender-balanced future at Jabil and in our communities, Beth has launched a Jabil Joules initiative aimed at educating, mentoring, and encouraging networking among females. This program is now being launched regionally to increase its reach and support for Jabil women.  
When Beth started, Jabil was a company of a few thousand employees and now we have over 190,000. The communications department that she built is crucial in ensuring the company  operates with the same core values across all 90 plant sites in 23 countries. 
Beth has been a role model to many over the course of her career.  She mentors, but gives independence which enables creativity and innovation. She is confident, intelligent, leads by example, and provides guidance when needed. 

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