Katharina Vonbrunn
Project Manager                      
LaGrange, GA

Katharina is well versed in fuel filler housings in particular with Ford and BMW. Her expertise closes the gap between engineering design and manufacturing practices to help ensure a quality product can be produced. She has specialized knowledge of injection molding and tooling that helps make smooth transitions from concept to actual product launch into production. One of the most important skills that Katharina brings to ITW and her fellow coworkers is her ability to assess the feasibility of production of parts as well as her talent for sharing how she was able to make her conclusions. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the customer is satisfied and finds ways to find unique solutions to problems.
For the past four months Katharina has been living in the U.S. instead of her home country of Germany. She has faced many challenges to assimilate successfully into this environment.  For example, Americans value being on cross-functional teams, whereas Germans tend to feel more comfortable staying within their defined tasks.  She has been effective in bridging the cap of staying true to her German roots while taking the plunge into American ways. 
Katharina is an exceptional leader and mentor who leads by example.  She is effective at delegating tasks and clearly communicating expectations, but is also always willing to help walk a team member through the process the first time to ensure understanding. She is also very creative in her approach to problem solving and anticipation.   She is an exceptional role model for women in how to be successful without compromising their values.

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