Juliana Van Winkle
Quality Systems and Supplier Quality Engineering Manager
Modine Manufacturing Company
Racine, WI

"I’m motivated by the challenge of building parts that meet customer expectations as efficiently as possible. In manufacturing I get to work with others every day to find better ways to accomplish that goal.”

Juliana joined Modine in 2003 as a manufacturing engineer at one of the plant locations. Since that time, she has made a number of significant contributions to the organization in terms of systems improvements and cost savings, and has held several leadership roles in the company. In her current role as quality systems and supplier quality engineering manager she continues her focus on continuous improvement as she works to develop Modine’s critical supply base.
Juliana has had several professional experiences that have fueled her interest in driving continuous improvement. Following college, her first role involved working with engineers and team members to reduce labor costs on a final assembly line by 20%. That experience demonstrated to her how impactful continuous improvement activity could be for a company. Juliana also credits her approach to the seven years she spent working for a particular plant manager, whose mantra was that the only way to do business was to continue improving each day. 
Former managers define Juliana as thoughtful and reflective. These traits have served her well as she has moved from role to role in the company, allowing her to carefully understand all elements of an issue before attempting to solve a problem. She is also an effective mentor and coach.  She is motivated by improving processes and doing everything possible to ensure Modine’s success. Juliana measures success by success of the team, not just individual accomplishment and has the unique ability to identify learning opportunities every day. 

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