Winn Stewart
Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis
Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Miami, FL

"I believe manufacturing is critical to our economy. I’ll never forget my first time in a cleanroom, walking like the Michelin Man in my bunny suit; I was stunned by the innovation, efficiency, and pride of the workers. To me, U.S. manufacturing is about jobs, quality, trade, and innovation.”

Winn has proven herself in many different roles within Noven’s Finance Division.  In her current role as the finance business partner for operations, Winn and her team instituted an initiative with the goal of achieving a minimum savings of one million dollars by encouraging members of management to submit ideas to improve yields and reduce waste. This program ultimately generated savings in excess of $1.6 million.
Winn was also pivotal in the initiation of the Bright Ideas program created to identify ideas focused on improving efficiency or quality in daily operations. As a member of the Steering Committee, Winn worked with a cross-functional team to develop the program’s charter and processes as well as to review and evaluate costs savings submissions. To date, eight ideas have been submitted, and work is underway to determine project feasibility, execution, and the validation of projected cost savings.
Winn originally planned to pursue a career in banking, but her experience in a serious auto accident caused her to re-think her goals, and instead use her financial talents in an industry that focused on helping others.  Her acceptance into the prestigious Financial Development Program at Baxter became an excellent fit which allowed her to pursue that goal.  
Winn is self-motivated, disciplined, and able to work independently.  She is recognized for her ability to get the job done by carefully planning, executing, evaluating, and making process improvements. Her positive attitude towards work and colleagues makes her a great team player. She is involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and still works with a young man she was paired with over 15 years ago.

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