Tracy Skupien
Director of Operations
Tompkins Products, Inc.
Detroit, MI

"As manufacturers, we are making a real impact on people's lives. We are designing and building products that improve the quality of life for all kinds of people while providing good paying jobs to our employees. Our job is not glamorous nor easy but it is always exciting and challenging!”

Since the first formalization of their quality system, Tracy has led the company through various iterations of QS registration, including TS, and customer specific systems such as Q-1 and QSV. Tracy also shares her experience and expertise with other precision manufacturers via PMPA listserves. These listserves enable the sharing of best practices to keep North American companies competitive. Automotive is a highly demanding market, and Tompkins' two million parts per week are testimony to the quality systems that were implemented by Tracy in her early career. Satisfying demanding automotive customers at a rate of two million highly engineered, critical performance parts per week is customer testimony that Tompkins operations and quality systems are up to the task
Tracy spent her time after college on the west coast where she mastered rock climbing and its mental and physical discipline. Facing a fear of heights, maintaining physical control, and understanding the risks have given Tracy the confidence to face the challenges of managing manufacturing operations in Detroit.  The continued success of Tomkins products is achieved through the performance of her team, and is recognition of how Tracy's managerial practices based on those early rock climbing experiences, can make a difference.
Tracy has high expectations, maintains clear standards for performance, and demonstrates an experienced and nuanced understanding of the challenges her people face.  Tracy continues to thrive on the facts that no two days are alike, and that there continue to be problems to solve, opportunities to improve, and people to support and grow. 

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