Leslie Shuman
Director of Operations Readiness - TN Automotive
Alcoa, TN

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, all my earliest connections through family and friends were tied to companies that made things. I always believed that the closer you were to making a product, you were doing your part for the economy, and I always wanted to be part of that chain.”

Leslie’s most recent accomplishment involves the much-anticipated launch of the 2015 F-150 aluminum intensive vehicle, available later this year. Leslie’s role was to manage the metal acquisition and supply, as well as transportation and other logistical aspects. Leslie led the team that helped negotiate a closed-loop recycling program to capture scrap material from factories and bring it back to Alcoa and other companies to use again in future production. Leslie and her team negotiated with the end customers and worked with third parties on warehousing logistics. Alcoa’s partnership with Ford would not have been possible without Leslie and her team’s contribution to the behind-the-scenes aluminum acquisition and distribution system.  Leslie’s efforts in this launch were made more challenging by the passing of updated Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards in 2011 and the economic crisis of 2009. In the end the team weathered the storm and are looking forward to seeing their system at work for the fall F-150 launch.
Leslie has a unique ability to coalesce different views to create an improved overall system. She balances the big picture with the details.  She gathers decision makers from different cohorts and leads the group towards an implementation plan. To achieve this she capitalizes on the diversity of her team, sets a clear mission, and applies honed listening skills. Her experience in ‘every discipline in the rolling business’ gives her a deep understanding of the company, with previous roles including sales, process engineering, and corporate treasury.

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