Chelsea Sargeant
Section Manager 4
Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, IL

“Some of my role models include Tana Utley and Denise Johnson, VPs at Caterpillar. They are passionate about manufacturing and are experts in their fields. They have excelled in a historically male dominant business. They are engaging speakers and take time to develop new leaders in the company.”

During the fourth quarter of 2013, Chelsea took over the second shift Supply Chain Logistics distribution workgroup. As a result of the recent decrease in build rates, a reduction in force (RIF) and subsequent redistribution of manpower left the team members disengaged and uninterested in business goals. As an MIT graduate and a recent graduate of the Caterpillar LTDP program, Chelsea stepped into this role with a strong willingness to turn the team around. Chelsea quickly learned the basic operation and adapted well despite the unenthusiastic workgroup.
She was committed to engaging her team, listening to their concerns and finding quick and effective solutions to the problems at hand. Her knowledge of the business coupled with her problem-solving and active listening skills not only earned her the respect of her team, but also played a significant role in meeting all of the 2014 PQVC goals for the Logistics team.  She also used her leadership skills to diffuse situations while keeping her team focused on performing their daily operations safely. As a result, Chelsea’s team has seen a significant decrease in the number of injuries they have sustained.
 Chelsea's knowledge of the business, her sense of urgency, and her great listening abilities will allow her to be successful at managing any workgroup. She is customer-focused while being accountable, committed, and trustworthy. A data driven decision-maker who exceeds PQVC (People, Quality, Velocity, Cost) targets, Chelsea demonstrates perseverance, humility, and grit. She is the type of asset that is hard to come by and Caterpillar Decatur has truly benefited from having her talent on its team. 

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