Jennifer Sankey
Team Manager
Altronic, LLC 
Girard, OH

"I am most proud that Altronic gave me the opportunity to face the challenge of redefining the Coil Department. I've established new measures of efficiency that led to the improvement of productivity. I value my contributions as a member of a team dedicated to the production of a quality product.”

Jennifer impressed everyone shortly after she was promoted from an experienced production employee into a management role and assigned to lead the Coils department at the beginning of 2013. This department is an essential part of the business, generating about 20% of total profits. Prior to Jennifer’s promotion, employees in that department stated that they felt like a bunch of misfits, segregated from everyone else in the company. The department was plagued with low morale, poor attendance, and very low engagement. In a matter of months after her promotion Jennifer managed to engage her employees and create a true team, generating tangible results: personnel productivity index increased from 1.94 to 2.29; and on time completion improved from 92.6 to 99.3 as well. There is now a true sense of teamwork and the Coils department has won the 5S departmental audit award for the last three months.
Her career experience as an assembler for 16 years shaped her approach to management. Aware of both the challenges faced by others in this role, as well as the impact a supportive management team could offer, Jennifer is equipped to lead. She exhibits the critical skills and communication necessary, and is talented at team-building.
Jennifer leveraged her interpersonal skills and professional demeanor to overcome the challenge of moving from a peer role to a supervisory one.  Today she is an accepted leader, seen as a positive resource for the team.  Jennifer is driven, determined, able to motivate people, tenacious, and hard working. She inspires her employees to have a customer focused mentality, and has empowered them by valuing their contributions.

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