Dodi Ryder
Plant Manager
Baker Hughes 
Rayne, LA

“Service driven manufacturing allows me to work with a team of very talented people; helping them grow, develop, and succeed is what motivates me on a daily basis.  My passion for manufacturing resides with the success of my employees”.

Dodi transferred to the Rayne Blend Plant from the Tri-cone bit plant in Lafayette, LA. She had a wealth of supply chain knowledge, but no experience in the chemicals industry or in management.  She was able to be immediately effective, developing her skills and utilizing her prior knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, SAP, business operations, and customer service to develop and strengthen her team. Her plant has implemented some of the strongest processes of any chemicals plant in Baker Hughes regarding material traceability and responsiveness to short lead time orders from customers, filling up to 40% of orders within 24 hours. Dodi’s emotional intelligence and genuine concern for her staff enabled her to overcome significant hurdles to gain employee trust and develop one of the most engaged groups in all of Baker Hughes.
Customers also noticed Dodi’s turnaround of the plant.  During an important plant tour, a prominent customer noted he had a hard time believing that he was visiting the same plant as several years prior due to all of the improvements and renovations, both in terms of process and climate.
Dodi is tenacious and driven.  She has cultivated a tightly knit community of employees and has taken the time to mentor and develop several long-term staff that have moved onto more challenging positions. She is a pro-active manager, holding her staff accountable while giving them room to grow and support to overcome significant challenges. In 2013, her employee engagement scores showed 4.81 out of possible 5.00, confirming that as a leader Dodi can not only mold performance, but develop and lead a high-performing team positioned for long-term success.

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