Christine Roy
Production Manager
AMPAC Fine Chemicals
Rancho Cordova, CA

"The Director of EHS at AMPAC Fine Chemicals, Ella Iott, is an inspirational woman. Ella’s dedication and empathy are remarkable. Her positive outlook and ability to create an encouraging work space is infectious. Watching her tackle challenges presented in manufacturing with confidence and determination inspires me to put forth my best effort every day.”

Christine is responsible for the production supervision efforts in the main processing plant of the facility consisting of 150 operators, the majority of whom are men. Christine has worked diligently with the site union representatives to enhance communication and understanding which has greatly improved relationships in the past three years. Christine excels in one-to-one communication that fosters trust and respect. She strengthens the understanding of the supervisors reporting to her and clarifies information upward to superiors. She constantly seeks new ways to working together to improve site productivity.
Christine has an exceptional work ethic coupled with a quest for knowledge.  She demonstrated these qualities as she worked, despite challenging circumstances, to earn her degree and continue into a graduate program.  Often working two jobs while going to school, Christine persevered.  Years later, she continues to excel by achieving her Six Sigma Green Belt and 24 Hr. HAZWOPER certification to enhance her knowledge of quality and safety in the manufacturing arena. 
Christine is diligent and organized. She is a role model for perseverance and change management, actively working with her employees to ensure they respond positively to change. She is a thoughtful listener and responds with compassion and logic to concerns and criticisms. Her ability to blend soft skills with technical knowledge in a forthright manner results in a unique management style respected by all. Her cool head in emergency situations makes her a natural leader, but her ability to anticipate what is needed makes her exceptional.

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