Lisa Rathburn
Group Manager, Global Manufacturing Technology
Columbus, OH

"In manufacturing, we are responsible to deliver high quality products to our end customers. I am passionate because I know that my work matters. Every day, I have opportunities to improve the solutions that make a positive impact on people's lives.”

Through Lisa’s leadership in the Nutrition Supply Chain function, plant maintenance across the 14 facilities has been standardized, which will allow for long-term success.  The transformational program she implemented focuses on schedule optimization (efficiency), equipment reliability (effectiveness), and cost control. Through these improved processes, systems and behaviors, all 14 plants throughout the globe have meaningfully reduced total and absolute cost of maintenance and spare parts while improving production output through reduced downtime (scheduled and unscheduled). 
Prior to Lisa‘s efforts, maintenance was not a core competency within Abbott Nutrition manufacturing.  Lisa had to challenge current thought processes, often working against ideas that had been in place for years to make the transformation meaningful and relevant. She had to be a leader and appropriate risk taker to drive significant change and benefits. 
Lisa’s tenacity, perseverance, and the continual pursuit of team collaboration and employee engagement have made her successful in her efforts.  She developed rapport with key groups who could help drive the initiative forward, and invested time to learn the processes and the issues.  She ultimately persevered by demonstrating how implementing a different approach to maintenance the company will be better for both the technician and the business overall.

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