Debbie Rahm
Supervisor of Acrylic Manifolds Department
Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

"The good thing about manufacturing is the array of fields. If you’re a hands on type of person or someone that likes an office atmosphere, there is something for just about anyone. You can have a very rewarding job in manufacturing. It’s just what you make of it.”

Debbie has taken a stagnant product line to a new level by creating product growth through development and design, machining, assembly, quality, and shipping. She works directly with the engineering department to facilitate quicker design and more efficient machining, which has ultimately reduced turnaround time. Debbie’s thorough and systematic approach of documenting setups and production through photos, videos, and written materials has simplified operations for future reference, and ultimately will result in an increase in productivity and delivery. 
Debbie was hired in 1998 as a machine operator and moved into the CNC area. She quickly became known as the company’s internal problem solver, a quality she has demonstrated many times over a range of roles. Debbie’s role as supervisor has been very challenging because of the limited experience in that facility. Debbie’s desire to learn along with her drive to improve has made her the successful employee she is today.
Debbie accepts challenges with eagerness to learn and improve, and her contributions and initiatives are recognized throughout the organization.  She displays confidence and humility, and always looks to support her team.  She is an exceptional role model for women in manufacturing and is a true leader in the organization.

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