Vicki Poponi
Assistant Vice President, Service Technical Operations
American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
Torrance, CA

"If thinking of a manufacturing career strongly consider beginning in the factory. You’ll learn quickly as day to day issues provide the opportunity to see tangible feedback from your direct efforts. You’ll develop strong team skills and an appreciation for customers, be they internal (upstream or downstream) or external end-users.” 

Vicki currently leads the Service Technical Operations team as the assistant vice president of service engineering. Her teams are responsible for monitoring the U.S. and export markets to identify emerging product issues and driving issue resolution to those issues.  For eight years, through March of 2013, Vicki led the Product Planning teams for Honda and Acura. Her team was responsible for Honda and Acura product planning, strategic planning, market research, and quality assurance coordination for American Honda. During her tenure the teams developed and brought to market the current generation of award-winning Honda vehicles which represent nearly 80% of Honda's auto sales.
Vicki joined American Honda in 2005 with a diverse background in general management, marketing, business development, operations, and engineering. Her diverse background has been instrumental in her success as she works with cross-functional teams to develop new models or resolve product issues. 
Vicki's leadership style is informal and relaxed, yet results-oriented.  She leads through a strong combination of a can-do attitude, coupled with enthusiasm and a true fondness for each individual. Vicki aligns her team members, ensures they are engaged by bringing them into the decision-making process, and shepherds them through all the typical challenges and stresses associated with achieving goals, while remembering to take time for laughter along the way.
At the individual level, Vicki serves as a mentor and a coach. She is particularly focused on finding opportunities to grow the women on her team and encourages them to speak up, develop confidence and take on leadership roles.

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