Kay Phillips
ATEK Companies
Eden Prairie, MN

"Manufacturing is a great career path because of all of the different and interesting aspects it takes to really be good in this field. It is the intersection of design, people, machinery, materials and provides so many opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.”

 Kay has been an instrumental force in leading ATEK to market its capabilities in new ways. As the company’s first non-family member at the helm, Kay helped ATEK realize it was an ideal fit for the medical device industry, and the company reinvented itself. In 2003 ATEK bought Medtronic's Grand Rapids, Michigan, cardiac surgery manufacturing plant and began manufacturing products for Medtronic under ATEK Medical Manufacturing.   Kay’s expertise in strategy and maximizing operational efficiency allowed the company to transform itself and accomplish critical business objectives.
Kay joined ATEK after a successful career as an environmental attorney and business engineer running business units of multinational corporations.  Kay quickly learned the technology and began a strategy assessment.  She re-focused the company on lean manufacturing, and worked to cultivate external relationships which opened the door to new clients.
Kay is committed to the future of manufacturing and passionate about providing more economic opportunity for women through training for manufacturing and other technology jobs. As the first female chair of the Board of Trustees of Dunwoody College of Technology, Kay is leading the college's Women's Initiative, a comprehensive plan to attract more women to nontraditional education and career paths. She hopes that more women will become trained and enter manufacturing careers, but she also sees exciting opportunities across the board in technical education and employment. With Kay's leadership, the college is pursuing more female faculty and students, raising funds for more scholarships for women, and changing the culture to make the predominantly male college more welcoming to women. 

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