Jackie Neely
Minneapolis, MN

“If you are considering a career in manufacturing or anything for that matter, I would say don't give up. If there is something you really want in this world, I wholeheartedly believe that absolutely no one can stop you, except yourself.”

Jackie has worked in a range of subsets within UPS including safety roles, supervisor roles, and coordinating package processing numbers and facility maintenance.   Jackie has demonstrated intelligence, creativity, and perseverance within the ever-changing, high-stress industry of package handling at UPS and is both flexible and versatile in her ability to contribute.
Jackie was hired as a part-time package handler and was quickly promoted to a part-time supervisor. Jackie has always demonstrated her leadership qualities, even without the formal title, and has been quick to take on a managerial role and step up to accomplish business objectives. Jackie has a talent for working with safety and management issues, and has been a mentor to new hires. She also has taken on chemical management roles and been responsible for technical package tracking and reporting.
Jackie is a strong, smart person team player always focused on the end result and bottom line. She is able to manage multiple tasks under pressure and executes those tasks effectively and in control.  Jackie is a true role model for women both within the package industry as well as those in other manufacturing sectors.

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