Astrid Mozes
Chief Technology Officer
Eaton Corporation, Hydraulics Division
Eden Prairie, MN

"My Mom, she was diligent and courageous in the face of adversity and to this day she is an inspiration. Words that continue to resonate with me: 'work hard; do things right; speak up; being an engineer is cool and … not every problem is the end of the world.'”

Since joining Eaton in 1990, Astrid has held a number of positions where she has made remarkable contributions to the company's growth and success.    She is well known for authoring and leading the business' "Europe, Middle East Africa (EMEA) Transformation." Through that work, she motivated her team across more than 25 different countries and made significant progress in evolving and accelerating the business in that region. In her newest role as chief technology officer, she has once again embarked on transformational work. 
Astrid is unrolling an intense campaign to ensure people know Eaton for the innovative company that it is,  working to intensify the focus on solving the customers' greatest challenges and, in particular, "reigniting the spark," of her global scientists who continue to make world-changing technologies. Astrid is removing barriers, enhancing processes and creating events that drive innovation. And she's mentoring and supporting fellow female colleagues along the way.
Astrid was educated in Sweden and speaks six languages. Her expertise and passion has led her from one opportunity to another, based in various locations across the globe. Her journey through this wide range of roles and countries has given Astrid a talent for seeing issues and opportunities from an unmatched global perspective.  
Enthusiastic about any challenge she takes on, Astrid makes the extra effort to thoroughly learn the products, the region and the team. "Her leadership on Eaton's steering product line has helped us capture a substantial global market share," said Nick Fossey, director, Sales and Marketing, EMEA region, Hydraulics, Eaton. Her background and effective track record have earned Astrid the credibility and trust of those around her.

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