Kathleen Mitford
Corporate Vice President, Strategy
PTC Inc.
Needham, MA

"My aunt, Sister Marie Mouwen, was an exemplar of caring for others while staying true to her own passions.  At a time when there were not many women in leadership she held an executive position as a hospital administrator.  She taught me that hard work, strong values and determination are keys to success."

Kathleen has been the driving force in PTC's new Internet of Things (IoT) Corporate Strategy. The IoT is one of the most important business opportunities not just for PTC but across all of manufacturing. Kathleen has led PTC's strategy for transforming its entire business model to adapt to this new opportunity for manufacturers. 
Kathleen came out of the retail industry with an expertise for supply chain integration, specifically the ability to meet the extreme fluctuations of retail cycles’ demand with supply. Since joining PTC, she has developed technologies and systems adopted by many major retail chains.   As a result, PTC has become an industry leader and maintains that leadership market share position today. It also allowed PTC to enter a completely new industry orthogonal to the company’s traditional engineering and manufacturing customers.
Kathleen has a unique ability to herd disaggregated information and personalities into a focused strategic view. She dynamically and effectively leads two week long strategy offsite meetings where PTC collaborates with its worldwide leaders to articulate and debate their priorities for moving the company forward.  PTC's stock performance in the four years since Kathleen has headed strategy show almost an 80% gain. Her debates and strategy coalescence enabled these gains. As PTC heads to the Internet of Things, Kathleen’s ability to identify opportunities and threats along with strengths and weakness puts PTC at a distinct advantage.

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