Audrey Mills
Product Test & Qualification Engineer
Ingersoll Rand
Davidson, NC

“All of my teachers past and present that have believed in me and dedicated their lives to their craft. As a former teacher myself, I truly appreciate the incredible hard work and selflessness of exemplary teachers. I've been fortunate to have so many great ones along my journey.”

Audrey joined Ingersoll Rand in 2011 as part of the Industrial Technologies division, working in the global development lab. As a test engineer, Audrey is the sole test engineer, responsible for developing, scheduling, and analyzing testing and test data for existing and new fluid products. Two months before Audrey started, the fluids lab was moved from Bryan, Ohio to Davidson, North Carolina. Audrey led this transition by standardizing processes for how product tests were run, creating a workflow tracker to ensure that the lab was turning test requests over as quickly as possible, and establishing a means for tracking test reports associated with test requests. 
Prior to joining the Ingersoll Rand team, Audrey taught AP Physics, Physics and Robotics at North Carolina's largest charter school.  She also coached the school's first robotics team and Ingersoll Rand was the school's primary sponsor. Audrey was impressed with the employees she formed relationships with during this time and decided she wanted to be part of the Ingersoll Rand team. 
Making the transition from the front lines of education to a corporate work environment was a challenge, but she has found that she continues to make a positive impact on lives.
Audrey is a perpetual learner who stays current by mentoring the robotics team and tutoring students in her free time. Audrey continues to stretch herself intellectually by completing coursework in specific test engineer curriculum.  She is open-minded and willing to accept others' perspectives, traits that make her effective as she collaborates with colleagues around the world.

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