Darlene Metz
Operations Analyst
Stella-Jones Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA

"The achievement isn't one single event. It is my journey throughout my career. I started at an entry level position and over the years have worked to my current level. This was accomplished by hard work, determination, and endurance.”

Darlene has been instrumental in developing and implementing procedures and systems for the four Stella-Jones’ acquisitions since 2010. Her role in training and mentoring production personnel has been key to the company’s successful integration of acquired companies. She has done system training, production planning and educated new personnel on specific customer procedures. Her contributions have expedited the integration process thereby allowing the newly acquired company to begin producing with minimal downtime during the transition. 
Darlene joined Stella-Jones when the company that she had been working for since 1988 was bought by Stella-Jones Corp. Her “can do” attitude has been constant through her career, including her willingness to develop talents well outside of her area of expertise for the benefit of the company.  Over her career, Darlene has often come into a challenging situation whereupon processes are inefficient, or someone has left the company unexpectedly.  She is quick to assess the situation and diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems. 
Darlene has exhibited extraordinary flexibility in supporting plant operations processes during acquisitions, often staying out of town for weeks at a time. When she has been called on to execute inventory processes under strict deadlines she has been able to relay the urgency to those involved without alienating them. She leads by example, completing inventory tasks alongside other management assigned to the inventory team, getting their buy in and commitment. Darlene has a positive attitude and views every opportunity as a new learning experience.

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