Nita McIntyre
Manufacturing Manager, Radomes
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems
Marion, VA

"Once my children graduated I completed my education and welcomed the opportunity to gain an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing environment that I had grown in. I gained a better understanding of business terminology and how the actions of my team contribute to the overall outcome to meet company goals.”

Juanita, or Nita, as she is referred to by her colleagues, began her career in 1976 with Brunswick Corporation as an assembler of billiard tables. Her leadership abilities were quickly noticed, and she was promoted to supervisor in the lamination and assembly areas. Nita demonstrated a keen eye for identifying cost reduction opportunities and was an advocate of continuous improvement and waste reduction long before Lean and Six Sigma were common manufacturing terms.
Over the years, Brunswick transitioned to Marion Composites, then Advanced Technical Products, prior to becoming General Dynamics. Through these transitions, Nita persevered and rose through the ranks as a general supervisor, process manager, and eventually plant manager for some of the most advanced defense programs in the industry.
The tremendous demands of a career in manufacturing management did not deter Nita from furthering her education and personal development. Nita continued her studies at Virginia Intermont College and in 2002 earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in just three and a half years.  In 2007, she was recognized with the General Dynamics Armament & Technical Products Presidents Award for Outstanding Achievement.
After more than 37 years in manufacturing, Nita is valued for her technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise. She is respected for her work ethic and commitment to excellence and admired for her fairness and sense of compassion. Ultimately, Nita sets an example as a role model for all managers in manufacturing.

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