Deanna Mathis
Supply Chain Business Solutions Manager
Shaw Industries Group Inc.
Dalton, GA

 "[For someone who is considering a career in manufacturing] I would tell them, 'Bring your whole self to everything you do,' in both business and your personal life. Manufacturing is a rewarding career and the backbone of our economy. You will have the chance to make a great impact, but only if you are fully committed and engaged.”

Deanna recently accepted a promotion as the supply chain business solutions manager for Shaw Industries. In this new role, she manages complex and cross-functional systems for our hard surface, backing, and resilient manufacturing facilities. 
In her previous role as small parcel manager, she was responsible for managing the daily operations for 1.6 million small parcel packages shipped annually, and an estimated $19 million in annual freight spend. Her role focused on not only operational issues, but also on devising new methods of increasing customer service and lowering total parcel spend.  In a major effort, the company transitioned from using UPS to FedEx in late 2012.  Deanna's leadership and insight throughout the transition proved extremely valuable. The estimated savings/cost avoidance generated through the contractual change from UPS to FedEx, in addition to systems and process improvements implemented, was more than $1.6 million.
When Deanna accepted the small parcel manager position, it was not only a new role for her, but also a new position within the organization. In spite of the lack of resources to guide her, Deanna relied on both her competence and confidence, welcoming the challenge and leveraging the fact that there were not any prior expectations or established responsibilities associated with the position. Her fresh perspective, unrelenting energy, and positive attitude resulted in significant savings for the company.
Deanna’s passion makes her stand out above the rest. She puts her whole heart into everything she does, whether it is through her work at Shaw or giving back to the community.  She is committed to the retention of young professionals at Shaw and in the area, and works with the Young Professionals of Northwest Georgia organization to support that effort. Through her passion and talents, Deanna achieves success at work and in the community.

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