Emily Martin
Senior Vice President, Sourcing
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
Wilmington, NC

"My passion for manufacturing stems from my desire to create and build in the physical space ... to apply science and technology to answer society's needs in a tangible way. Manufacturing is solving the world's problems through the physical manifestation of our best ideas.”

Emily is currently the senior vice president, sourcing, for GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. In this role she has successfully optimized both supply chain customer performance, exceeding business sourcing savings targets by two times and improving on time delivery by 10 points. She leverages supply chain as a competitive advantage for her business as it serves the complex energy market in North America, Europe, and Asia. Emily’s success in this role builds on her rich history of accomplishment in supply chain for the energy sector.
Emily credits her experience with the maritime strike of 2012 in developing resilience and the tenacity to succeed in the face of adversity.  In her role as logistics leader for GE's Energy business, her organization was tasked with executing global shipments and logistics operations for greater than $25B of freight. Execution of these deliverables was brought to a halt as violent strikes broke out across Brazil, beginning with the Sao Paulo dock workers and spreading across eight organizations through the shipping/port industry.  Under Emily’s leadership the team launched a recovery plan that resulted in the largest civilian maritime campaign in history. By maintaining a team focus on the end goal, and staying true to core values of integrity and compliance, Emily and her team were successful in meeting the customers’ product demands.
Emily is an inclusive and thoughtful leader. She is an active mentor and has launched formal programs to attract and retain diverse talent in her organization and function.  She also created an innovative peer-led training program for sourcing and supply chain professionals. Emily has an optimistic and inspiring leadership presence. In addition to being regarded as a supply chain expert, she is a sought after mentor and leader. This is because she invests in people and champions diversity in ways that improve outcomes for the entire business.

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