Marie Livingston
IT Supervisor, Application Development
AGCO Corporation
Jackson, MN
"Partner with all areas of your business; with great partnerships & teamwork what seems impossible will be successfully conquered! Realize that with small/steady wins you can accomplish what seems like an overwhelming project. Be positive towards change and look at each challenge as a learning opportunity. Aim for extraordinary!”

Marie is responsible for AGCO Jackson's application development. In addition to controlling the development budget, resource capacity and overflowing workload, she is accountable for operational excellence and solutions that are standardized and sustainable. Marie has been a leader in driving standard ERP solutions, playing a critical role in managing the IT portion of the project while adding invaluable knowledge and analysis to business processes and overall success.
When Marie joined AGCO Jackson, it had a very young IT organization. She was part of an effort to partner with the business and guide them on solutions that would address their requirements and align with the corporate vision, ultimately improving processes.  She took the initiative to learn the processes and pain points by spending time on the manufacturing floor so that she could add value to the solutions. She transitioned the role from an IT application developer to a business process partner. This paradigm shift required change management and incremental wins to be successful. When added to her already vast knowledge of system development and programming, her value to the business and IT is paramount.
Marie is flexible yet confident in her direction. She has worked with the business to prioritize and realign requirements in order to keep her development team successful and to allow them to deliver on key projects.  She is tireless in her efforts and commitment to the business.   Colleagues trust Marie to lead the organization to a better state of execution.

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