Connie Lindberg
Senior Buyer
HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc. 
Houston, TX

"The achievement or rather achievements that I'm most proud of is obtaining my Certified Purchasing Professional and Certified Purchasing Professional Manager certifications. In order to excel and grow as an individual, I made the decision to further my education.”

Over Connie’s tenure with HOERBIGER, she has negotiated over $300K in cost savings.  In 2009, she joined the company in a temporary role. To be considered for a permanent position, she was required to demonstrate that she was qualified. She was responsible for transitioning the Houston procurement process from Pompano Beach, Florida to Houston, Texas and led a transition plan that was executed flawlessly – and was hired. 
Equally impressive is Connie’s ability to successfully manage projects that require excellent communication and organizational skills. As an example, in 2013, Connie was required to outsource a specific product line from in house to a third party supplier.  Connie demonstrated exceptional project management and leadership skills and the project was completed successfully and on time, resulting in an annual cost savings of $11K.
Connie stands out because of her sincere desire and passion to serve her internal and external customers, always putting HOERBIGER first. For several years, Connie single-handedly represented the Houston purchasing function, managing well over $10M annually. Aside from her excellent work, Connie has a positive attitude, and coworkers and customers alike find her to be resourceful, amiable and determined. Her customer service skills are outstanding; her coworkers continue to report how much they appreciate her support. She is diligent in meeting established timelines and has been instrumental in bringing more and more suppliers into a web-based order processing initiative, reducing manual order processing by 30 percent.
Connie is a member of the American Purchasing Society and is currently enrolled to obtain her Certified Supply Chain Professional certification. She is committed not only to HOERBIGER, but to representing herself and the company in the community at large.

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