Grace Lefebure
Stress Analysis Engineer
The Boeing Company
Everett, WA

"Grow your network! Attend all kinds of events to meet a diverse crowd with varying perspectives, and pursue technical mentorships. The unique, first-hand experiences of others can help guide your career, whether it helps you discover an unexpected career path, discredit a preconceived notion, or confirm your interest.”

When Grace joined Boeing, she found it difficult to determine which projects inspired and challenged her, and was motivated to seek several mentors within the organization who have greatly shaped her experience. She has taken leadership on the 777X project, conducting a series of studies and preparing numerous finite element models to determine the optimal placement and size of the wing trailing edge flaps. She continues to work on the 777X as it evolves in the next phases of development.
Grace continues to consistently seek opportunities to develop new technical skills and has a broad portfolio of expertise in Finite Element Modeling Software, numerous programming languages, CAD programs and Data Acquisition Software. 
Grace is also actively engaged in supporting her local and regional community. She is the newsletter editor of the Society of Women Engineers - Pacific Northwest Section and the community service chair and board member of the University of Virginia Club in Seattle. She is the Chairwoman of Events for the Young Engineering Alumni Events Committee, supporting the organization and marketing of events for recent graduates of the University of Virginia Engineering programs.  Grace’s motivation, drive, and ambition coupled with compassion make her an outstanding role model.

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