Sara Fauss Kuczek
Vice President, Advanced Manufacturing
Dublin, OH

"I believe that a key to our economic success is through the application of technology. This can best be served by producing an item. I find tremendous satisfaction and pride in the products in which I've played a role. There's nothing greater than witnessing your product being used.”

As a chemical engineer at Battelle early in her career, Sara worked across a number of different projects which helped to develop her communication and project management skills. This included working across a number of different organizations, projects, and teams within Battelle, each with a unique personality and approach.   She has a knack for asking questions to clarify the work and help teams problem-solve more effectively.  Through this approach she was able to focus on the technical work, accomplished several breakthroughs, and earned at least one patent. 
When Sara was the program manager for the Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) at Battelle she led the team to significant improvements in cost, quality, and delivery.  As she took the reins, the 
the program was behind schedule on production deliveries, missing cost goals, and relationships were strained. Sara was instrumental in bringing engineering, manufacturing quality, suppliers and the prime contractor together to facilitate resolution of every significant technical issue facing the project. Sara's work was critical for the JBPDS program success, which in turn legitimized Battelle's capabilities in manufacturing. 
Whether she is dealing with a key manufacturing team issue or analyzing a strategic plan involving multiple business units, Sara seeks to understand the details and finds key assumptions made. Through a positive and proactive approach, she challenges those assumptions and guide peers, teams and management to better solutions and plans.  She is effective at tackling difficult issues, reaching consensus, and achieving results.

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