Meredith Kovarik
Director, Supply Chain
St. Petersburg, FL

"Be unaccountably BRAVE! The road will be tough sometimes: there will be people who nay-say your ideas, who block your path, who prevent progress... And in those times the strength of your bravery to stand up against all odds might be the only strength you have.”

Meredith was the key designer and early-adopter of a new process called Demand Driven Supply Chain (DDSC) at Jabil that was truly revolutionary within the electronic manufacturing and services industry. Meredith’s leadership and application of DDSC resulted in a sustained increase in service levels with decreased inventory, and significant financial gain.  She was also a driving force in partnering with the business to create a compelling service offering to Jabil’s customers externally, as well as developing the training and team structure to support the deployments. Four years into her involvement in this group, Meredith remains a leader in the management and design of planning systems.
Fresh out of college, Meredith started in a lean coach role on the manufacturing floor. She eventually moved into supply chain management before leaving to work as a consultant and then coming to Jabil working directly with suppliers and customers. At 31, Meredith was one of Jabil’s youngest directors in history, a testament to her ability to communicate effectively across all levels, her strong analytical skills, and her exceptional drive.
Meredith has a tangible charisma and character that helps her create trust, establish relationships, and call others to action.   She is completely committed to achieving success for her team, her customers and the company, and in the process herself. She is a true role model and mentor, working on the leadership council to coordinate women’s networking events, working with interns in mentoring based roles, and promoting Jabil's service offering to the industry.

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