Teresa Keating
Business Manufacturing Technology Director
The Dow Chemical Company
Taft, LA

"Manufacturing is the heart of the company. It offers much responsibility for problem solvers early on and thus the ability to make a significant impact on the bottom line. The breadth of the function is vast, providing unique roles and development paths to match one’s skills with his/her passions.”

Teresa is the business manufacturing technology director for Dow Building & Construction at The Dow Chemical Company. In this role, she is responsible for leading and directing the operations and technology center of Dow's 21 global plants which include the popular brand Styrofoam™.  Despite her extensive cross-geographical responsibilities, Teresa has continually proven her ability to effectively lead each facility to drive cost down while maintaining a high level of safety, quality, and reliability. Teresa has been effective in unifying her global organization into one cohesive team, working together to tackle industry challenges and achieve higher levels of performance. 
Teresa also works closely with Dow's Research & Development teams to discover/test new product formulations and equipment configurations to stay ahead of the competition and maintain price premiums. Her participation and contributions to the Global Business team have delivered significant value to both the Business and Dow. She participates in Dow's Global Operations People team, leading the Employee Engagement sub-team. Her high energy and commitment to understanding/increasing job satisfaction across the function have made a difference according to Dow’s employee opinion survey.
Teresa is motivated by motivating others, she is an eternal learner with an unlimited amount of energy and passion for what she does, and she faces her work, business, and her challenges with a can-do positive attitude.  She is bold and not afraid of new challenges. She encourages others in Dow to take more risk to break paradigms and reach unprecedented levels of performance.  Teresa is a natural leader and leads her team by example. Her unwavering sense of pride for her business is a testament to her ability to serve as an effective leader. 

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