Kathryn Kaltz
Group Manager
Caterpillar Inc.
Peoria, IL

“A career in manufacturing is demanding both professionally and personally. Manufacturing provides a constantly changing environment with new challenges at each step of your career. The most rewarding part about a career in manufacturing is seeing your product and projects come to fruition.”

Since joining Caterpillar in 2004, Katie has distinguished herself as an innovative leader with the proven ability to consistently deliver exceptional results. Katie recently played a key role in the success of Caterpillar’s Tier 4 Interim machine introduction, a project she managed successfully to result in significant savings in efficiency and product quality.  In her current role as a manufacturing strategy quality engineer, Katie continues to positively influence Caterpillar’s sourcing and manufacturing plans. Katie has been leading IMOD wide strategic planning projects related to manufacturing efficiency, asset utilization, and production throughput. She has been innovative in the development of new ways of evaluating capacity utilization and flexibility of cost structure.
After receiving Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan, Katie joined Caterpillar as part of the Manufacturing Professionals Development Program (MPDP). She credits her MPDP experience and the mentoring that she received as significant factors for her success. Since her graduation, Katie has stayed involved with the program, mentoring program participants and participating on the program steering team member. 
Katie's strategic planning role requires her to be a pioneer developing new processes and approaches to problem solving. Katie dives into a challenge where little structure exists and where she has limited experience, trusting her ability and consistently exceeding expectations. Katie is a leader among peers. She deals well with uncertainty, is calm, cool, and collected in challenging situations, and consistently delivers on results. Katie is truly a role model for all of us in terms of work-life balance and professionalism.

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