Hannah Kain
President & CEO
Fremont, CA

“Go for it! There is and will continue to be a significant shortage of qualified manufacturing and supply chain leaders. You can make a difference for the U.S. and for millions and even billions of people through manufacturing products that enhance or even rescue lives.”

Hannah is the founder, president, and CEO of ALOM, the company she formed in 1997 following the securing of a SBA loan from the 24th bank she approached. Three years later ALOM was named the SBA Success Story of the Year. Hannah has overcome cultural and financial barriers to grow a thriving manufacturing business that spans 16 locations across five continents and provides services to premier Fortune 100 corporations.
Hannah built ALOM to be quality-driven supply chain leader whose impeccably executed services add value and competitive advantage to demanding companies in a variety of industries including technology, medical and automotive. Hannah is a strategic risk-taker and this trait has served as a catalyst for growth and innovation. As e-commerce technology proliferated and delivery timeframes compressed, supply chains extended around the world and became increasingly complex. Hannah identified the opportunity and through her vision and collaborative approach, ALOM expanded and today ships out of 16 global locations.
Hannah’s entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring energy were the driving force behind the introduction of additional services that opened new markets to ALOM. For example, ALOM operates the largest digital media duplication center in the US and offers specialized digital printing, component assembly, e-commerce, and refurbishment services.
Hannah is a supply chain ambassador, and her love for manufacturing and supply chain have been the cornerstone of ALOM’s growth and success for the past 18 years. She is also a strong advocate and practitioner of supplier diversity. Hannah is active on several boards representing manufacturing (National Association of Manufacturers) and, women in business (Watermark), and has served as a mentor for women seeking to develop skills to start their own business or achieve financial independence. Her success is based on helping others be successful.

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