Terry Jarrett
Plant Manager, Extrusions, Lafayette Operations
Lafayette, IN 

“A great-aunt of mine is my role model. I watched her go through many issues during her life. She would always smile and stated, 'We are not given more than we can handle, always remember that. No matter how bad you think it is, there is always someone in worse shape than yourself.'"

Terry is a recognized leader in product manufacturing at Alcoa and has earned the respect of her coworkers and customers in the process. She recognizes the value that the supplier brings to the customer and helps the company monetize the inherent value of the product and knowledge. In 2011, Terry used the Alcoa Business System Diamond, which asks managers and employees to assess safety, cost, quality, time, and people when driving an issue to root cause and final sustainable resolution to develop an operating strategy aimed at flow time reduction, improved delivery performance, and cost control. She excels as a leader accomplishing increased quality and capacity, improving delivery, reducing injuries, and always focusing on the bottom line.
As Lafayette’s first female plant manager in a male dominated culture, Terry has effectively proven her capacity to lead through exceptional performance. She excels in every Alcoa performance category and has engaged her team to grow volume by nearly 50% with the same number of team members. Her knowledge and tenacity have won over her team and given them confidence in her leadership. 
Terry combines tenacity, keen intelligence, and deep technical knowledge to be extremely effective in driving change in an already successful business. She is able to speak frankly with the team because she has earned their respect. Terry’s persistence to overcome challenges distinguishes her among her peers.  She understands her customers’ needs and expectations, and knows her competition as well as she does her own staff. Her leadership style and expert competency have positioned her to serve as a coach and mentor of new supervisors, managers, and auxiliary staff. 

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