Susan Jania
Supply Chain Director
Diamond Envelope Corporation
Aurora, IL

 “I am passionate about manufacturing because this is the family business I have grown up in. I have seen the impact manufacturing can have on a community and the jobs that can be created. Manufacturing receives tough criticism in the public, it is our responsibility to change this.”

Susan took a struggling safety program over and has turned it into one of the company’s proudest achievements, garnering nominations by several professional organizations and received top accolades for the new safety accomplishments. Susan’s leadership helped Diamond Envelope Corporation achieve a company record of 1,844 consecutive days without a lost time incident.  This would have been impossible without her commitment and dedication.
Working within a family business started by her father has given Susan a unique perspective on both entrepreneurship and the manufacturing industry. To successfully acclimate, Susan had to set aside some of the more corporate approaches she had concentrated on in school for a less traditional mindset.
Susan’s dedication and commitment are exceptional.  But her strongest asset is her tenacity.  Her attention to detail and thoroughness means that she not only completes her work, but that the work is done exceptionally well.  Never satisfied to just get a project done, Susan spends the time and energy required to complete it to perfection.  She is a role model for her colleagues and the company.

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