Amber Hicks
Production Lead HDI IPDI
Bayer MaterialScience
Baytown, TX

"I am privileged to be a major player in contributing to making our world and our communities a better place to live. I’m inspired by successful projects like patent attainment, and finding solutions for 'unsolvable' issues.  Additionally, manufacturing has allowed me to instill a passion for science in my children, while also fulfilling personal passions in health and fitness, and community service.”

Amber couples her education and 18 years of experiences in a range of manufacturing processes for Bayer MaterialScience to be effective as the production lead HDI IPDI at Bayer’s most strategic NAFTA chemical manufacturing facility. She was awarded a patent in 2009 for developing a new high performance isocyanate process that has since become the standard for Bayer globally. The improved process requires fewer reactors and generates greater throughput, which in turn results in increased unit capacity without adding additional equipment, as well as significant savings. 
Amber has a history of accepting challenges and excelling.  In 2008, she was promoted to superintendent and accepted responsibility for a subsequent process unit for which she had no prior experience.  Amber learned the processes and established important relationships with employees to create a team that was motivated and passionate to accomplish the necessary for the challenges and changes.  In the end, the team was able to improve quality and save $400M in 2011, and just shy of $800M in 2012. 
In addition to her strong leadership capabilities, Amber has excellent time management and work/life balance skills.  After a personal circumstance introduced her to the services offered by the Ronald McDonald House Houston, she became a champion for this cause and has inspired her neighbors and co-workers to do the same.  She organizes RMH volunteer events to benefit the families in crisis that stay there while their critically-ill children are being treated in the Houston Medical Center. 

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