Deborah Hebbard
Manager, Human Resources
ConMed Corporation
Utica, NY

“[I am most proud of] how far I have come in my professional career [and] the lifelong lessons I have learned along the way and the friendships I have gained at all levels throughout the company.”

In her years with the company, Debbie has significantly impacted the lives of the employees and accomplished company goals.  She has been instrumental in establishing consistency across the organization in terms of articulating different levels of technical jobs, gaining agreement on titling schemes, assigning employees to appropriate titles, and outlining a career path for employees. These efforts not only resulted in continuity across the organization, but also provided a means to career growth staff. 
Deb also had the challenging task of orchestrating the layoff of close to 600 people over a one and a half year period.  She connected with each of the employees being displaced, arranged outplacement, coordinated education about applications for unemployment, helped people with benefits transitions, etc. She treated the exiting employees with dignity and respect while helping them resolve their issues. At the same time, Deb maintained the trust of the remaining employees by maintaining the relationships listening to their concerns and keeping the lines of communication open.
Deb has outstanding judgment in human resources which comes not only from her experience and training but also from her honesty, directness, and sincerity. When presented with an issue, Deb can easily strip away the extraneous information, get at the heart of the matter, and ensure everyone is being treated fairly. Deb's honesty helps her build trust with the employees and the management team.  She is kind but fair, and has created a culture of accountability, honesty, and directness.

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