Anne Hardy
Director, Northboro R&D Center
Northboro, MA

“My grandmother [is my role model]: she was a smart and accomplished woman who graduated from college and went to grad school in an era when not many women did. She read avidly in many fields, including reading Scientific America cover to cover each month. She loved to learn and wasn’t intimidated by anything.”

Anne has held a range of positions within the Saint Gobain R&D organization, working with a variety of materials and processes and earning 10 patents.  She is currently the director of the U.S. R&D Center in Northboro, Massachusetts.  In this role, Anne has had to develop a breadth of scientific expertise and knowledge of all the product lines, understand the strategic approach of each business, be able to speak to the product portfolios of the businesses, and possess a deep understanding of the manufacturing concerns at the plant levels. Anne’s ability to help the company’s manufacturing sites control costs while improving product offerings is a testament to her leadership and the impact she has on the businesses. 
In addition to her current role, Anne has been responsible for developing partnerships between Saint-Gobain and U.S. universities. To date, 12 key partnerships have been established where she is helping to create platforms that enable manufacturing. These partnerships have the added bonus of creating jobs and opportunity for production in the U.S.  She frequently speaks at STEM events on behalf of Saint-Gobain and has helped to establish local partnerships where Saint Gobain hosts students so they become engaged in the sciences. 
Anne has always been very curious, open-minded, project-targeted, and eager to explore emerging research themes, showing a good mix of detailed scientific approach coupled to a customer-oriented pragmatism. She navigates ambiguity and complexity with ease.   She is a hard worker, brilliant, and endowed with a great sense for human management.  Anne stands out as a role model among the 150 high-level senior executives committed to develop the company’s international group of more than 200,000 employees. 

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