Heidi Haft
Senior Staff IS Specialist
LORD Corporation
Cary, NC

“My advice to an individual considering a career in manufacturing is the same advice I would give for entering any field of endeavor. It is not about the politics or the climb to the top. Focus on your customers and where you can make your best contribution in meeting their needs and to the business as a whole.”

Heidi is a seasoned IT professional who listens to the voice of the customer as she designs system solutions to meet the needs of LORD Corporation’s business partners. She is the LORD IT expert for order management, sales, and distribution and has served as the leading IT developer for three major operating system implementations. Since the implementation of SAP and our current EDI (electronic data interchange) platform in 2002, Heidi has been the architect of numerous technical and process improvements that have benefitted both LORD and its entire customer base. 
Nearly 35 years ago, Heidi left her job as a seamstress to come to work for LORD as a computer operator. She had no formal IT or manufacturing training, nor did she have a college degree. Her manager noticed her ability to quickly grasp new concepts and promoted her to a computer programming position in exchange for the promise of completing her formal education.  Heidi fulfilled her commitment and obtained degrees in Computer Technology and Business Administration while becoming proficient in her work and beginning her climb within the IT organization.  
Heidi has the unique ability of communicating very technical concepts and solutions in simple terms.  Heidi’s wealth of experience in IT, LORD business processes, and systems integration combined with her approachable character distinguish her from her peers. As a mentor she encourages creativity, but always with an eye towards the simple solution. Heidi consistently demonstrates the LORD behaviors in her work and interactions with internal and external customers.  Despite the lack of a formal “manager” title, Heidi displays leadership through respect and humility that is a role model for all LORD employees.

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