Eileen Guarino
President/ COO
Greno Industries, Inc.
Scotia, NY 

"My passion is fueled by the realization that manufacturing holds such an important economic impact in America, yet it is a challenging and difficult task to replace the highly educated and experienced workforce that is now retiring from the industry. My success depends on the future of manufacturing!”

Eileen is a passionate leader who embraces collaboration with the goal of sustaining a viable manufacturing capability, both within the organization and throughout the local community and broader Capital Region. She leads the second generation of her family-owned business, Greno Industries, Inc., to successfully diversify into wind, oil, gas, and other industries that require precision machining. The continuous improvements she drives are helping to maintain competitiveness in a challenging industry.
Eileen started with the company working in the warehouse, and has worked as hard to develop her own skills as she has to invest in and develop the skills of her employees. One of the efforts she’s most proud of is the creation and implementation of an in-house high school MFG internship training program. She also gives back to the community through partnerships with the local school district to inspire young people to pursue careers in manufacturing, and she sponsors a manufacturing technology student at the local community college – paying the tuition and employing the student part-time while in school. 
Eileen has held a host of other roles with the goal of promoting manufacturing and supporting the local community including past president of the Tech Valley Global Business Network and vice president of the Chief Executives Network for Manufacturing,   She is also an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Women's Business Enterprise Network Council.  Eileen’s passion for helping people learn about what Greno Industries manufactures and how they are machined has made her a workforce development champion in the Schenectady, NY area.

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