Nataly Greiner
St Louis Health Safety and Environmental Manager
Procter & Gamble
St. Louis, MO

"I’m passionate about manufacturing because I’m passionate about people. Not only do I enjoy seeing how a new product comes to life at the line after months of development, engineering, and production; but I love the team work and the capability that is built in people through the manufacturing process.”

Nataly spent seven years as the process engineer, line leader and operating department leader of the Cascade Soluble Unit Dose business. During this period, throughput increased, reliability and productivity improved, and significant savings were realized. Nataly coupled her mechanical engineering skills with a strong people and team focus to lead the conversion from a shift-based organization lacking mastery to a multi-skilled and business-focused organization. 
Spurred by a team member’s significant hand injury in 2011, Nataly has made safety her primary concern.  She became a leader in working to capture the hearts and minds of her technicians in an effort to prevent injuries. She led a top five process to eliminate risks; this process identified the five "hard to do" tasks and then systemically eliminated them. She also led the creation of safety videos that would help change the culture in her business toward safety. This focus on creating a culture of zero safety incidents took the Cascade business from an average of three to five P&G recordable incidents per year to zero injuries for 22 months. It also inspired Nataly to assume the Health Safety and Environmental Leader role for the site.
Nataly has a unique complement of technical skills and people skills that allow her to build successful teams and accomplish business objectives.  She inspires people to excel and contribute to their maximum capability. She also excels at teaching complex things in a simple manner to build master. And she has a strength of character that enables her to hold people accountable while maintaining an inspired organization. 

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