Regina Gray
Director, Family Care Global Innovation
Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, OH

"Manufacturing is an industry that utilizes the total organization to develop new capabilities to improve product quality, optimize end to end supply chain, and improve cost.  Working with teams that are dedicated to the same mission and are dedicated to winning every day is rewarding and energizing.”

As the plant manager in one of the largest sites in the Procter & Gamble supply chain, Regina led her organization of nearly 1,000 employees to deliver record Safety, Quality, Inventory, and Cost Savings results over a three year period. Her relentless focus on operational excellence, backed by rigorous daily management systems, formed the backbone of a structure that makes the results both systemic and replicable.  Of particular note is the system of 'Top Ten Losses' that Regina initiated in her business. Each loss was clearly identified, size of prize noted, and ownership established to drive improvement. It was an ever-present construct.  The result was a record savings that reshaped the way the remainder of the plants approach business, and made her plant a model for the rest.
Regina has been shaped by a lifetime of experiences that helped develop her into the leader that she is today. As the daughter of a U.S. Army general, she experienced living all over the world, and understood at an early age the power and effectiveness of discipline. This has resulted in an exceptional ability to adapt and thrive in a diverse environment, something that has served her well in her own career. 
Regina has a unique ability to simplify the complex, boiling down very intricate and involved problems to their roots. She translates this understanding into clear problem statements that the entire organization can rally around, then she engages the entire organization by convincing each person on the team that they are essential and can make a difference. 

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